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Industrious is the leading provider of a premium shared office experience. They are known for their specialization in hospitality making a conscious effort to be there for you whether you are a little tired needing a nice cup of joe, or kinda cold and in need of a blanket.
This is the type of office style meant to be shown off as your very own. It makes sure not to flaunt off the Industrious name all over the place allowing you to make the office spaces truly representative of you or your business.
Upon entering the building, you are welcomed with the smell of breakfast from the in-house café every morning and a big smile from the people at the front desk. We are talking anything from a parfait bar to breakfast tacos all set up and ready to go.
The hospitality does not stop there. Since the office space is treated as a community setting, the employees on top things to know when you are expecting clients and extend their hospitality to them. This could be in the form of offering them a coffee or directing them to your office space.
Industrious sticks to a very neutral color palette, wide open spaces, and a nice mid-century modern aesthetic. You can expect greenery all over the place and amazing views of the city. It is meant to be a one-stop shop for your business by providing you with various amounts of opportunities.
On Thursdays, they host a Happy Hour event to promote socialization within the workplace and a way to network with other businesses inside the building. Industrious goes further by curating professional development seminars and different kinds of social networking events to truly enhance your shared office experience.
Any type of business can obtain access to all of these benefits through a membership. That means freelancers to business moguls can set up shop at Industrious. They offer community workspaces to private offices to meet the demands of all kinds of businesses. With a membership, you are even able to have access to any Industrious around the country if you end up traveling.
So, maybe you are a freelancer and only need a space to work in that isn’t your home or a coffee shop, Industrious is also the place for you. If at any time you need a more secluded space like a big office, you can change your lease to reflect your needs at the time. And then, when you don’t need that type of office anymore you can go back to a simple desk or work in the community areas.
One of the best parts of Industrious is that once you sign on the dotted line your bill will be the same every month unless of course, you decide you need a little bit more. They also only charge by the size of each space instead of by team size, which means you are able to have an office that might be fit five people but it is only you using that space.
Get your business game on with Industrious located in the Arts District at 1722 Routh St Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75201. To check out the latest events and updates, follow their Instagram @industriousdallas.
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If you would love to sign up to industrious Dallas at a discounted membership rate, email us at and we will hook you up with some discounted pricing!

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