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Viva la Crepe! | Whisk Crepes Cafe

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Viva la Crepe! | Whisk Crepes Cafe

(Get your french accent on!)


Welcome to Whisk Creperie in 1888 Sylvan Ave in the Design District. If you are looking for an authentic French breakfast, Whisk Crepes Cafe is the best place to be on an early morning. Grab some friends and enjoy some of the best crepes in Dallas prepared by Owner and Chef Julien Eelsen.

Indulge your senses with their acclaimed crepes filled with sweet and savory flavors like their famous Strawberry Nutella Crepes and of course their traditional specialties such as ham & cheese, and goat cheese walnut arugula. Furthermore, they also offer a contemporary menu which includes favorites like their lemon curd, cinnamon apple, chicken bacon or barbecue crepes. All with your choice of batter between Buckwheat (traditional, earthy flavor, gluten-free), or Flour (“pancakes,” same batter for sweet crepes).

If you have ever been to Paris, then this is a great shop to take you back to those Parisian days. If you haven’t had the opportunity, then come experience what being in Paris is all about. You can sip on a good shot of espresso or drink a glass of wine while “La Vie en Rosa” plays in the background.

Whisk Crepes Cafe is the first shop by Julien after moving from France to the US. He fell in love with our city of Dallas. Now he owns two locations Whisk Crepes Cafe and Whisk & Eggs which specializes in Egg sandwiches and of course Crepes at the Legacy Food Hall in Plano.

We had a wonderful time hanging out with Julien and learning all about Whisk Crepes Cafe, so make sure you give them a visit or follow them on social at @whiskcrepescafe to keep track of all the fantastic menu changes and events. If you decide to go, make sure to tag us at @newtodallasguide for a chance to be featured on our platform. We want to see you having fun.




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