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The Happiest 5k Around | The Color Run Dallas

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The Happiest 5k Around

So, maybe you’re not a runner and maybe athletic gear is not the thing for you either, but there’s this event called The Color Run and let me tell ya, it’s the happiest 5k we have ever taken part in.

Our New to Dallas Guide crew was there getting in on the action as the official media partners. We started our day at around 5:45 am and set up our station for the Color Run goers. Let’s just say we had a super amazing trampoline that was bound to call everyone’s name.

After a few hours thousands of people started to trickle in left and right and then the first race was about to start. From the starting line all you could see was a huge mass of people all screaming, yelling, dancing and overall pumped to get the run started.

While you waited for the announcers to officially start the race, free merchandise was thrown down overhead to get the participants even more excited.

The Happiest 5k is about three miles around Fair Park and was full of places where colored powder is thrown at the runners. By the end of it you are meant to be covered in so much color you truly look like a rainbow.

Since, New to Dallas Guide brings the fun and the experiences we had a trampoline set up to greet the participants at the finish line. If they kept their powder given to them at the end of the run, they were able to jump on our trampoline, throw the powder up in the air and get their photos taken.

It was truly a fun for all.

After the running, walking or dancing of the 5k Color Run goers are invited to participate in a big fest of sorts located at the main stage. A DJ plays hype music to get the dancing started and then everyone throws their colored powder up in the air to create an explosion of color.

So not only throughout the 5k are you constantly being covered in color, you are decorated even more in it with thousands of people involved.

With a unicorn running around, a trampoline to touch the sky and color everywhere, The Color Run was truly the happiest 5k we have ever been to.

If this sounds like something you are down for be sure to stay up-to-date on the Color Run events at https://thecolorrun.com and on their Instagram @thecolorrun.

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If you visited us at our booth during the Color Run Dallas, check our gallery in the link below! You might be HERE!

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