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Step Into The Sweet Tooth Hotel Intergalactic Experience

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

by Delaney Watkins

Discotech: Step Into The Sweet Tooth Hotel Intergalactic Experience

Get ready to check into the most vibrant and aesthetically pleasing hotel as you enter into the world of Discotech. With engaging and creative art displayed from the moment you walk through the doors… all the way to the bathrooms. The Sweet Tooth Hotel experience is a sensory overload that will leave you feeling inspired and liberated from the restrictions of our reality.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel concept came from husband and wife, Cole and Jencey Keeton, who have brought together the most talented and unique artists and creators across DFW to fill every inch of this space with art. Each year is a new chapter at this hotel, a new story, a new experience, featuring new art.

Discotech is Sweet Tooth Hotel’s third chapter of their immersive art series, which combines music and digital art to create interactive audio-visual installations. These new media installations are designed to excite and entertain, while still allowing you the freedom to make it your own experience and create your own story.

One of the stars of Discotech is the Sweet Tooth Hotel’s very own intergalactic pop star, Disco Diamond. Be sure to throw on a pair of the silent disco headphones as you walk into her world and explore the merging of her out of this world reality and our planetary reality.

Don’t forget to stop by the Prince themed bar, Reign, to grab a drink and hang out. Serving beautiful exotic drinks that look like they are also pieces of art fitting in with the rest of the surroundings of the Sweet Tooth Hotel.

So make sure your bags are packed and you’re ready to check into the Sweet Tooth Hotel to explore your imagination. P.S. – don’t forget to check out BOTH of the bathrooms for a surprise (mirror selfies are highly encouraged).

If you want to find out more about the Sweet Tooth Hotel, we invite you to go and find out for yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed. Share your experience with us at @newtodallasguide on Instagram and Facebook. We hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to check out the talented artists featured at Sweet Tooth Hotel:

pxlab.studio | Instagram @px.lab

shamsy.co | Instagram @shamsy

tramainetownsend.com | Instagram @misadventures

alittlepartyco.com | Instagram @alittlepartyco

jeremyBiggers.com | Instagram @stemandthorn

stevesicecream.com | Instagram @stevesicecream

builtbybender.com | Instagram @builtbybender

houz of Noel | Instagram @houzofnoel

colekeeton.com | Instagram @colekeeton

jencey Keeton | Instagram @jencey

ducklights.com | Instagram @ducklights

regular Projects | Instagram @regular_projects

poopourri.com | Instagram @poopourri

Sweettoothhotel.com | Instagram @sweettoothhotel




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