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Sip Stir Coffee House in Uptown

Need a simple place to go disconnect from the world for about an hour, or you need a nice and cool place to go study, then you need Sip Stir coffee to get you by. Located in one of the most versatile areas in Dallas, this coffee shop will enchant you with their coffee variety that you won’t be seeing anywhere else. Easy parking and fast internet!

Check what these reviewers are saying:

“Good for studying and great for conversing. Great place to enjoy in winter seasons, but also a refined classic to spring and autumn.”

“I usually drink black coffee but I figured what the heck, might as well try their varieties. I first tried the s’mores latte then I tried the creme brûlée. Both were to die for, omg so delicious.”

The best atmosphere, baristas and drinks plus close to the best boutiques in the area, Sip Stir will be your favorite saturday morning hangout. Check their instagram to learn more about this fabulous coffee shop https://www.instagram.com/sipstircoffee/. Don’t forget to follow us at @newtodallasguide if you haven’t done it already. What are some of your favorite coffee houses in Dallas? Let us know in the comments below!

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