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Putting Pizzeria Testa to the Test!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“The Test Results” – Putting Pizzeria Testa to the Test!

It isn’t often you walk into a restaurant where everything from the interior decoration, placement of product, and ingredients have a historical value and thought out execution. From the second walking into Pizzeria Testa, we got a sense of just that.

The first thing you lay your eyes on once getting through the front doors is the twin set of 7,000-pound wood-fired ovens, handmade and imported directly from Naples, Italy where modern pizza was born. Not only were these ovens hand selected, but they were placed along the wall with different shades of tile to represent Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy so it just makes sense to make this the centerpiece of this authentic restaurant.

The scorching and quick Neapolitan way of cooking is a direct correlation of the core ingredients of their dough which also is imported from Naples and consist of Tipo 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes, sea salt, yeast, and purified water using a state of the art reverse-osmosis system. Their oven reaches a 1000º Fahrenheit that has your pizza cooked within 60 to 90 seconds; it allows them to stick to these core ingredients without using any sugars or fats allowing you to indulge in a whole pizza by yourself. Which we might add is fewer calories than a Chipotle burrito bowl!

Customers can get a real taste of Neapolitan pizza as everything from their cheese, flour, meats, and even their dough mixer machine is imported directly from Naples. Anyone at the restaurant can observe the science and art of their imported dough mixer, which is located separately from the kitchen in an air-conditioned controlled room. This operates in a way that mimics the arms of a baker compared to mixers in the U.S which twist and turn and causes friction and heat to rise which taints the cooking process. From the ingredients, decoration, and the cooking process we were more than ready to dive into all that Pizzeria Testa had to offer.

We dove into some house favorites such as the Margherita S.T.G and the Testa Rossa. We paired them with popular cocktails such as the Negroni and Italian Old Fashioned, which are crafted with Italian liquors and ingredients. For 15 minutes straight there was nothing but the sound of chewing and sipping because there was no time to waste from one bite to the next. By the end of it, there was nothing but crumbs left on the plate. The pizza was full of flavor and so light that we could’ve eaten another one, but we had to save room for their notorious Tiramisu which even it’s recipe originates from their sous’ chef grandmother who both were born in Italy.

Pizzeria Testa was put through the test and passed with flying colors. What was once ignored, looked down upon by the upper class, and banned by the Queen of Naples was brought back to popularity through the efforts of her husband and son. King Ferdinand habitually disguised himself to indulge in the forbidden pizza made by master pizza maker, Antonio Testa. This habit turned into an obsession when their son came to rule and even built a royal pizza oven in the same palace that his mother once lived in. It was then that Neapolitan pizza became The Food of The People, thus paving the way for owner Rod Schaefer to make a tribute to his mother, who was born a Testa, and the traditions of family gathering partaking in home cooked food and warm conversations.

Get a taste of Naples, Italy in Texas with Pizzeria Testa, located in Frisco and Greenville Ave. And of course, if you do snap a picture and make sure you tag us as @newtodallasguide, we want to see you experiencing Dallas!




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