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Mutts Canine Cantina

We know it’s hard to find places that are pet friendly, and most of the time dog parks does not offer that “next level” feel we want. That’s why Mutts was created. Mutts understands that your best friend shouldn’t always be on a leash while you want to relax, and what’s better than a place where you and your dog can have the best time together. Mutts has combined these two concepts, a relaxing restaurant with drinks for the human and a dog park with two sections, for little dogs and big dogs, perfect for them to have their best time of their lives. Mutts also offers memberships for your puppy and you can easily relax while watching your dog make best friend for lives.

Check what these reviewers are saying:

“Dogs, frozen drinks and more dogs….is this heaven or Mutts? Great facility – 2 separate areas for small & for big dogs with chairs, a few balls & 3 tubs in the big dog enclosure. Picnic tables with fans that blow mist to cool you off while you drink, eat and watch your pup make friends.”

“The convenience of lounging around with a drink & a meal with friends & my puppy while he exhausts his energy is SO worth it. It’s almost like dinner and a show 🙂 It’s $6-7 for dog park entry but they also differentiate park sides by dog sizes. They have different food options (turkey burger, black bean burger, etc.) for you AND your pup (peanut butter, vanilla custard & a treat, among more).“

We forgot to mention that Mutts offers an special menu for your best friend, and a washing station. What’s better than that, you definitely won’t be seeing this at any other dog park. Make sure you follow Mutts on instagram https://www.instagram.com/muttscantina/ to keep up with their special events and while you are at it, follow us at @newtodallasguide for even more pet-friendly events in your favorite city!

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