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Don’t Sleep on Yolk! Stay Yoked!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Don’t Sleep on Yolk! Stay Yoked!

The second you walk into Yolk you are greeted as if you are family with a bright smile and a friendly “Good Morning” no matter what time of the day it is. This first interaction lays the foundation of the whole experience as it is imperative for Yolk not only to serve great food but to give even better service. The importance of making customers feel comfortable as if they were home was stressed upon while sitting down with Yolk co-partner Nick Roditis.

Yolk started in 2006 by founder Taki Kastanis in Chicago. Taki Kastanis was born in the restaurant industry often spending his childhood in his parents restaurants doing school work and eventually helping out. So even at a young age Taki developed an understanding of the magic behind meals and the sense of togetherness it can bring amongst people especially if the food and service is outstanding. This became the core foundation of Yolk and has taken off from Chicago and found its way across 4 states to the DFW area.

Nick Roditis came into the picture the same time Yolk was making it’s way to Texas. Nick was apart of the same restaurant oriented business that Taki grew up in and it also helped they grew up together as their family ties were extremely close coming from Greece to the U.S. So what better partner to choose to help expand the culture of Yolk than family? From the staff to the customers it was apparent that treating someone like your family was authentic and organic as the fresh ingredients they use for their food. At this point we were finished talking and ready to dive into some house favorites. We were offered an exclusive look into the process of making their customer favorite The Very Berry French Toast. Depending on which seat you get in the restaurant you too can get a view of their open kitchen and watch your meal go from kitchen to table. Now I’ll be completely honest (Michael), I am not a big fan of french toast as I personally do not like things that are overly sweet, but this was something else. From all the fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries that were toppled on with the combination of a light powdered sugar and maple syrup this was my best french toast experience. The toast was so light and delicate compared to the overly sugary and heavy french toast I have had in the past.

Next, we moved onto one of Nick’s personal favorites, The Works Omelette which is stuffed with bacon, sausage, ham, mushroom, onion, tomato, and melted cheese. Although he suggested the California Omelette which is a customer favorite we were more interested in his personal favorite, and it definitely was the right choice to go with. This omelette paired perfectly with their house made Yolk Habanero Hot Sauce which you can buy bottles of and take home with you! I myself could not get enough and used about a quarter of the bottle with the omelette and seasoned side of potatoes. Not only are their hot sauces crafted and produced in house but their coffee products to their freshly squeezed strawberry orange juice are as well! Whether the sun is just rising or you are on your lunch break, be sure to check out Yolk which offers varieties of classic to unique breakfast dishes as well as lunch options. Yolk strives on the importance of bringing a whole hearty meal with a smile starting your day off right with the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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