Pie Tap: The Secret is in the Dough, For Real Dough!

Pie Tap Pizza

Pie Tap is a direct result of the dedication executive chef Giovanni Mauro has spent on perfecting the pizza. He has been training over 30 years since he was a child in Sicily mimicking his mother in the kitchenWord of the mouth is everything now a days, and we are here to yell the word is out! Get ready to tap into your pizza senses and take your taste buds for a joy ride. Pie Tap is surely making its claim as one of the top pizzerias in the DFW area. Starting with their award winning dough, which is freshly made and baked in house, setting the whole foundation of the Pie Tap experience.

With only four natural organic ingredients that takes a 96 hour process to perfect, it is baked in a state of the art oven imported from Italy which creates the perfect thin slice of pie. With no sugar or commercial yeast you will be left fighting for the last slice rather than feeling full and guilty from eating a whole pie.We dove into some house favorites such as their Chicken Meatballs served with toasted garlic bread and Ricotta Gnocchi pasta which of course is made in house as well. Something you definitely do not want to miss out on is their signature pie called the Prosciutto. Topped off with prosciutto, shaved pistachios, arugula, house ricotta, and finished off with a balsamic drizzle, this pie has the perfect blend of sweet and savory which will definitely have you expanding your mind on what is allowed on a pizza. This pie goes perfect with their signature cocktails such as the Bourbon Blackberry Smash, uniquely made with shaved ice, or the variety of wines and beers that they have on tap.

Pie Tap has three locations in the DFW area with a different interior matching the area it is located in. Be sure to check out the vibrant and dynamic location off 1212 Oak Lawn Avenue which reflects the cutting edge environment that Design District has to offer.Pie Tap also has brunch and $12 dollar pies on Tuesday nights!If you decide to check out what Pie Tap is all about be sure to tag and follow us @newtodallasguide on instagram. We want to see if you get to try the secret dough!



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