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Pedego was founded in 2008 by Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, two long-time business partners and lifelong friends who opened up an electric bike shop in Newport Beach.
They went on to become the largest electric bicycle retailer in the US but never made it to Dallas.
Fast forward to 2013 BK and her husband went to Austin for a long weekend and as they were looking for something fun to do in the city they ended up taking a food tour on an electric bike and got hooked on the experience. She went on to ride in Europe, Israel and a lot of amazing places!
When BK decided it was time to start a business, her love for electric bikes, the experience and the fact that they were lacking in Dallas drove her to bring Pedego to Dallas.
Pedego Dallas owned by BK Synder and her husband is the only one that exists in the city of Dallas offering a wide range of electric bikes to pick from.
The bikes start at $1,800 which are throttle-only, and the medium costs for these bikes are about $3,500 with financing available. They’re available in hundreds of color combinations and models including cruisers,  commuters, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, and more.
Pedego Dallas operates like a bike dealership with full in-house service for you to purchase, rent and have your bike fixed. The bikes are assembled and designed in California and they can get parts for your bikes ordered and shipped to Dallas in a few days.
They offer $20 rental options for everyone 16 and up. If you do not necessarily want to buy one but may need it for a few hours, days or even on a weekend, Pedego Dallas has you covered. You are even able to rent a mountain bike to get away from the weekend if you desire. You can also go on a guided taco tour in Deep Ellum if you love tacos (who doesn’t right?) You definitely want to check out the taco tour here.
Right now you can rent a Pedego Bike for an hour for free, all you have to do is enter code “hello fun” here to get your free 1-hour ride.
Fun Fact: The Pedego Dallas building was built in the 1930s and has managed to keep a lot of its original finishes.  BK and her husband picked their location because of the rich history in Deep Ellum.
They are located next to a trail so if you go see them you can rent a bike and get on the trail! Bk is really friendly, willing to help and very accommodating of your needs. let her know we sent you!
Our team took the bikes on a test run, we had so much fun and we think you would too!


If you decide to take a ride with Pedego Dallas, be sure to tag us at #newtodallasguide, #dallasinbox and @newtodallasguide on instagram. We want to see where the road takes you!

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