Watch out world, here comes Chills360. They are Thai inspired ice cream rolls, where they literally roll down your mouth and into your stomach…YUM! Not only amazing to eat, but it’s so fun to watch. A cream batter is poured onto a frozen, plate-like machine; mixed with toppings and BAM, it’s frozen. It’s then scraped into rolls then topped with your choice of toppings. So, grab and go, but it won’t be that easy as there is always a line, so maybe right when they open. You know what they say, “the early bird gets the worm” but in this case some fantastic ice cream!!
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“The ice cream was a real treat. They make it from a liquid in front of you. I had the brownie recipient, which was vanilla ice cream with a brownie folded in. It cost $7, a bit on the higher end, but okay for a once I a while treat.
I’m not a local. It’s in a neighborhood called Deep Ellem. Must have something to do with the fact that it’s on Elm St. One of those crusty artsy neighborhoods that smells like urine and has a cast of characters homeless and not.
The bummer is that it’s an ice cream shop that’s perfect when it’s hot, but the seating is outdoors in the shade, but still too hot to be comfortable. The Keats they could do us clean up the nasty spills all over he wooden tables.
I gave it a five for the ice cream. You need to decide how much the rest means to you.”

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